Free people

Built for people

Tired of developers constantly exit scamming and dumping their reserved supply on you?

The smart contract for Yet Another Bomb (YAB) was built from the ground up to allow 100% of the total supply to be airdropped with no reserved funds for project developers or anyone else.

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No censorship

Censorship free

As the one and only TRUE social experiment we will not censor you for spreading rumors or even blatant fud. Why should we? It's all part of the experiment.

We are completely transparent and unlike other projects, kissing our ass will not earn you more tokens. We literally can't give you what we don't have!

Feel free to audit our smart contract at any time. We don't have anything reserved, we got nothing to hide.

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How it works

YAB is a zero-decimal deflationary cryptocurrency with a starting supply of 1 million. Unlike other similar projects, YAB was never given to the contract creator. New tokens can only be created by calling the getAirdrop function from a community approved whitelisted address.

New YAB is created until the total supply runs out and a minimum of 1 YAB or 1% of the transferred YAB is always burned.

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A social experiment

The Purpose of YAB

YAB is a social and economical experiment to measure the feasibility of a deflationary currency without whales, hidden reserved funds and censorship.

How will people handle a deflationary cryptocurrency knowing that the creators are not hodling big bags? Will they speculate? Spread fud an try to manipulate the market? Perhaps they will simply hodl and watch from the sidelines.

The final outcome will only reveal itself once the experiment has concluded. Until then make sure to register for the airdrop to get your share of YAB.

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You are the team

Ethereum was supposed to be a trustless and open platform where code is law. Yet almost all crypto projects still follow the old ways by having only a handful of people in charge for all the important decisions.

YAB challenges all of this by allowing anyone to suggest new changes and updates that benefit the experiment. The community will vote for these decisions and the best suggestions will be made a reality.

So no. There is no traditional "team". Everyone is the team and everyone's ideas will be considered.

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