Airdrop is canceled!

I'm sorry. I have failed you.

Originally the airdrop was supposed to happen in 3 waves with reward amounts decreasing every time.

This is no longer the case as I have secretly increased the reward amount so that I would be able to airdrop all of the remaining total supply to myself.

For a little while I had over 937k YAB in my posession! However I then proceeded with burning all of it because I felt like this was the least I could do for you.

What this basically means is I have now officially quit. I no longer hold any tokens and as of today there are only 62,013 YAB left in the world on 154 different addresses. Anyone who still didn't claim the airdrop, I'm sorry, but you can no longer claim any new YAB. There is nothing left to airdrop. This is it.

Hopefully you will forgive me and realize this is not an "exit scam" although I have exited, I burned everything so there is nothing to gain for me. And who knows, perhaps YAB will live on better without me?

A big thanks to Mojo, fliqpy, Agom, Saagar28, AndrsE, tmark446, riqxi, Hallaval, pan_tomo, bitmik and everyone else I forgot to mention. I really appreciate everything you have done for this project.