1st Wave

Claim 400 YAB

Please enable a web3 connection in order to claim the 400 YAB airdrop


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Airdrop Waves

The YAB airdrop will happen in 3 waves

Wave 1 registration is open immediately and will last until the 14'th of July 2019. The reward for 1st wave is 400 YAB tokens.

Wave 2 registration will open after the wave 1st registration has been closed, applicants verified and YAB tokens distributed to eligible addresses. Wave 2 will last for 2 weeks and the reward for 2nd wave is 300 YAB tokens.

Wave 3 registration will open after the 2nd wave registration has been closed, applicants verified and YAB tokens distributed to eligible addresses. Wave 3 will last for 1 week and the reward for 3rd wave is 200 YAB tokens.

Receiver pays the Gas

Unlike traditional airdrops YAB token requires you to call the getAirdrop function which modifies state variables in the Ethereum blockchain and therefore requires a small amount of Gas to be paid in order for the function to execute and YAB tokens to transfer.


Gas is a fancy word for a transaction fee. Transaction fees are paid for every on-chain transaction. Calling a function which WRITES new information on the Blockchain (in this case your token balance) is a transaction and will always cost Gas. Gas is split between Ethereum miners on which the whole ecosystem depends upon. Gas is deducted automatically from your wallet when calling a function. Just make sure you have around $0.1 to $0.15 worth of ETH in your wallet from which you are calling the function. Oh and by the way, your address needs to be whitelisted first. If you attempt to call the function from a default blacklisted address, you will just waste Gas and no YAB tokens will be delivered.

After the 1st wave registration is closed this page will ask you to authenticate via MetaMask or other Web3 ready browser.

If your address is whitelisted (eligible for airdrop) you will see a claim airdrop button which when clicked will pop up a MetaMask window and will ask you to call the getAirdrop function. You will only get your airdrop if you call this function from a whitelisted address.

In order to prevent abuse our smart contract blacklists you from receiving the airdrop from other waves once you have claimed your reward. So if you claim of 1st wave, you cannot claim again on 2nd and 3rd. If you miss 1st wave, you can only claim on 2nd, etc.

The List

Qualified Yabsters

We have gone through all of the submissions in #register-for-airdrop channel.

The list of addresses that made the cut can be found here and if you look at "sheet2" you will see addresses that were (or are going to be) whitelisted in the smart contract.

If you can't find yourself on this list it means you didn't follow the rules. You can check requirements in the pinned message in #register-for-airdrop but generally you either didn't follow us on twitter, didn't retweet, your twitter or eth address were not at least 30 days old OR you tried to get the airdrop with more than one account.

There is of course a small chance that we made a mistake so if you feel like there's something wrong feel free to talk to us on Discord. Private Messages are not generally replied to, it's best to speak out in the open.